Loma Mar Teachers

Thank you for your interest in Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools at our Loma Mar campus. We are a private non-profit [501 (c) (3)] California corporation that conducts residential outdoor education at three facilities. In all three programs, teaching is conducted outside and centers around exploration and appreciation of the natural world.

Program Description

Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools at Loma Mar offers 4- and 5-day programs in which students hike through the redwood forest, explore the many bends and curves of Pescadero Creek, and discover the magic of the Pescadero Marsh, where the river meets the Pacific Ocean.

Throughout their week, fifth and sixth grade students study astronomy on a night hike, go tidepooling, and help to work with the plants and chickens in our organic garden while naturalists weave science, art and music into their lessons. Students get to debate a development issue during a town hall meeting, sing songs about decomposition, and meet ‘Big Red,’ an old growth redwood tree more than a thousand years old.

Exploring New Horizons at Loma Mar is located along Pescadero Creek and is bordered by Memorial and Pescadero Creek County Parks.

A Week at Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools

During their week, teachers spend the night in their own house, which is near but separate from the student cabins.

Teachers are responsible for supervising Recreation Time and Teacher Time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They are also in charge of awarding the coveted golden dustpan (cabin checks) each full day and are asked to assist if students are homesick or ill. Teachers are asked to be on-call at night in case of an emergency or if a student is ill and can’t return to their cabin.  However, Exploring New Horizons staff are on call for all other needs that may arise during the night, and teachers rarely get called to assist. For the rest of the week, teachers may participate in all other aspects of the program as they please. All hikes are led by naturalists. Medicines are distributed by our Healthcare Supervisor or other Admin staff.


The cost of the program varies annually. Please call to find out the fee for this year’s program. The program fee is charged per student and counselor; teachers are not charged for their week at the outdoor school. The fee includes busing to and from the beach, housing and all meals except for the first lunch, which students bring.


These downloads prepare teachers, students and parents for a positive experience at Exploring New Horizons’ Loma Mar Campus.

Please call (831) 252-7868 for any questions or email our program director Joshua “Bobcat” Stacy.