Pigeon Point Staff

The Naturalist staff at Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools have extensive training and teaching experience in the Outdoor Education field. They have a passion for teaching children in the outdoors and a commitment to creating a learning atmosphere that is fun, safe, educational, and inclusive of all learning styles. All staff members are certified in both First Aid and CPR.

Chelsea/Hummingbird – Program Director

Hummingbird grew up in the East Bay in Danville. She discovered ENH through her high school class Careers in Teaching, they were looking for cabin leaders and little did she know how much this place and program would impact her life. After attending Loma Mar for six years as a counselor throughout college, she graduated in 2013 from San Francisco State University with a BA in Liberal Studies with an Emphasis in Italian. In 2014, an Intern spot opened up at Loma Mar and the rest is history. Hummingbird has been involved with Exploring New Horizons for over 12 years. She spent several years working as a Naturalist at both our Loma Mar and Pigeon Point sites, and is beyond excited to be moving into the role of Program Director here at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse! Hummingbird’s favorite things include cooking meals for her friends, dressing up for any occasion, learning about elephant seals, riding her bike, dancing and singing loudly in the car.

You can email Chelsea at chelsea@exploringnewhorizons.org



Megan/Water Strider – Naturalist

Water Strider grew up locally, bouncing from the peninsula to Monterey through childhood and graduate school. She learned early on the clarity and learning nature provided, and after earning her degree in Art Therapy and becoming a licensed MFT, she chose to reconnect to these roots. She has worked supporting young minds in hospital settings, outpatient counseling clinics, and now from the Pigeon Point lighthouse. Water Strider is passionate about emotional learning, mindfulness, empathy, self expression and self-exploration. When not at work, she likes to connect with loved ones, make art, travel around California and bake her infamous Snickerdoodle cookies.


Chiara/Opossum – Naturalist

Originally from Belgium, Chiara grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was there, playing in the small forest behind her house, that she fell in love with the outdoors. Chiara graduated from Juniata College with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. She had the lovely opportunity to intern for Fern Hollow Nature Center where she developed an enthusiasm for environmental education and a deep love for insects of all kinds. Most recently, Chiara has worked as Lead Summit Steward in Acadia National Park and has the joy of helping facilitate the connection between beauty and conservation. She especially loves initiating junior rangers! For Chiara, nature has been a place of healing, growth, and joy. Her experiences and witness to the power of the outdoors have only fueled her passion for making it accessible to everyone. In her free time, Chiara enjoys hiking, rock climbing, baking, dancing, and crafting in any medium.


Kayla/Pickleweed – Naturalist


Pickleweed grew up in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties, where she fell in love with the outdoors at a very young age. Now living in a cabin in the redwoods of Pescadero, she explores and forages nearby trails with her dog ChloeOates. Before starting as a Naturalist with Exploring New Horizons, Pickleweed spent many years working in libraries, incorporating nature and science wherever she could, including cultivating a library garden run by teen volunteers, leading teens in habitat restoration projects, and running nature themed story times and science experiments. Although she’ll miss libraries, she’s excited for a new adventure where she will get to nerd out with kids and teens about all things nature. In addition to her work in libraries, Pickleweed also volunteers with Volunteer for Outdoor California (VoCal) to help build trails all over the Bay Area as well as with the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History in various capacities. She is looking forward to bringing her experience to ENH and is most excited about helping kids and teens make connections between things they see in nature and their own lives. When not at work, Pickleweed enjoys foraging, hiking, backpacking with Chloe, writing, and homesteading such as growing mushrooms, making jam, and experimenting with ferments!


Casey/Jackrabbit – Naturalist


Jackrabbit has been in love with Earth science since she was a wee 6th grader learning about geology in school. Born and raised in Houston, TX, she and her siblings first experienced nature playing in the backyard – catching lizards and watching tadpoles become frogs. She came to the Bay Area in 2016 to attend Stanford University, graduating with a BS in Earth Systems. While there, she got to experience structured outdoor learning for the first time, including a field program in Hawai`i and a research project out on a sailing vessel. Seeing firsthand the learning that can come from the outdoors (be it in a backyard or on the open ocean), Jackrabbit has been thrilled to work with ENH and help foster environmental awareness, curiosity, and empathy in today’s students.