40 Years of Impact

Exploring New Horizons engages over 7,000 San Francisco Bay Area students from 100 schools annually in hands-on learning in the redwoods and coastal ecosystems. Over our 40-year history we have served over 200,000 students.

Exploring New Horizons currently tracks our impact through post surveys completed by teachers and by analyzing additional feedback throughout the week from students, cabin leaders, and teachers.

Survey results from over 650 teachers throughout the last 5 school years show that teachers agree or strongly agree that participating students:

-express more self-esteem (97%)

-have strengthened relationships with peers and teachers (98%)

-feel more connected to the environment (99%)

-better understand the ecosystems of coastal California (98%)

-are more comfortable approaching science learning (89%)

-are more comfortable being outside (99%)

-better understand their role as environmental stewards (96%)


In open-ended surveys with 350 teachers over the past 2 years, when asked what differences they see in their students after returning to the classroom, the 3 most common responses were:

-more respect/awareness/appreciation of the environment

-stronger community and more cooperation

-more independence/responsibility/confidence/self-esteem


In open-ended surveys over the past 5 years, when asked why they bring their students to Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools, the 3 most common responses were:

-the naturalists

-the curriculum/program

-team building/student independence


In our 40th year, Exploring New Horizons is seeking philanthropic support in four areas to accelerate our impact:

-Increasing Environmental Educational Equity

-Deepening our Evaluation Efforts

-Strengthening our High School Leadership Program

-Supporting our Infrastructure