Our Programs

Loma Mar

Multiple schools of up to 200 5th and 6th grade students attend 4 and 5-day programs in the redwoods, 7 miles inland from the Pescadero Marsh.

Pigeon Point

Up to 43 3rd-8th grade students attend 2,3, and 4-day programs at the historic Pigeon Point Lighthouse, south of Pescadero.

Redwood Glen

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One school of up to 90 5th and 6th grade students attend 4 and 5-day programs in the redwoods, 6 miles inland from the Pescadero Marsh.

High School Leadership

Over 500 high school students volunteer as cabin leaders each year at Loma Mar and Sempervirens, acting as role models and gaining valuable leadership skills.

What We Do

Our Naturalists Inspire

Exploring New Horizons empowers students, builds environmental literacy, and strengthens school communities through residential environmental education programs.

Our Curriculum Empowers

Our experienced naturalists engage students in hands-on learning, taking a whole child approach focused on social emotional learning, ecology, environmental stewardship, conservation, health, and the arts.

Our Experience Transforms

A week out of the classroom inspires students to better succeed in college and career and to work together to create a healthier and more sustainable world.