The Magic of ACT

Every week at Sempervirens and Loma Mar, students begin their experience learning the key to success at Outdoor School and in life: ACT. ACT stands for Attitude, Cooperation, and Taking a Chance to try new things. Each week, ACT is presented by a character played by one of the staff members. This character is often goofy and is open about their own challenges in life. Presented to and interacting with students throughout the week, our ACT character helps teach students how to succeed at Outdoor School and in life. ACT encourages having a positive attitude despite challenging circumstances, cooperating and working together as a team, and taking a chance to step out of our comfort zone to have new experiences which will lead to a more fulfilling life.

The magic of ACT is that it sets the tone for a kind, positive and cohesive learning community. Students are invited to look out for one another as they learn about nature and explore the natural world. They learn that mistakes will be made and challenges will occur, but as long as we support each other and have a good attitude towards these new experiences, we will succeed. ACT isn’t just for Outdoor School, you can make it part of your family as well!  Living by the ACT can help set your family up for success at home and beyond. It is a recipe for joy regardless of age.