Greetings from the Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools Pigeon Point program! We are very excited for you and your classmates to join us on some really cool nature adventures this school year. You are invited to come and learn about the mysteries of the redwood forest, such as if it were not for the banana slug, the redwood forest may not survive. Also, we will discover some other incredible things in nature, like how salamanders breathe through their skin, elephant seals dive up to a mile deep in the ocean, and seastars digest their food outside of their bodies!

Here are some of the adventures you will embark upon on your stay at Pigeon Point:

Pigeon Point activities

  • Live at and learn about the history of the historical Pigeon Point Lighthouse
  • Explore the tidepools, sandy beaches, and beautiful ocean views on the Pacific Ocean
  • Encounter a variety of ocean animals, including grey whales, dolphins, harbor seals, and a variety of really cool birds
  • Visit the 5,000 lb Northern Elephant Seals at Ano Nuevo State Reserve
  • Learn about the plants and animals in the redwood forest while hiking in Memorial County Park
  • Work as a team with your classmates to cook meals for the entire group
  • Enjoy evening activities, such as a puppet show, a night time walk with your friends, a tour of the historic fog signal building.

See you soon!