Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools at Loma Mar offers 4-5 day outdoor programs to fifth and sixth grade students. Located in the Pescadero Valley, Loma Mar can accommodate groups of up to 125 students at a time.

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Within a wide variety of eco-systems, our experienced naturalists introduce students to the wonders and mysteries of the redwoods, oak groves, complex coastal tide pools, and the lush Pescadero creek. Skipping stones, dancing at the Barnyard Boogie, hiking under the night sky, singing campfire songs and making music together brings the magic of childhood alive, while instilling a life-long love of nature.

Local high school or parent cabin leaders provide mentoring and community-based role-modeling within the diverse social experiences—enriching the lives of students and cabin leaders alike. An important part of the learning cycle is reflected in the students who became cabin leaders and are now encouraging more students to take an active role in the care of their future and their planet.