Request for Proposals:
Fund Development Plan

Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools (ENH) is seeking an experienced and well-qualified fundraising consultant for a project to explore current fundraising practices and develop the strategy for a sustained fund development program. The initial project is to be completed in the 2nd quarter of this Fiscal Year. Upon successful completion of the initial project, there is the potential to have monthly follow up work for an additional one-year term to begin implementation of the Exploring New Horizons Fund Development Plan. The consultant would report directly to the Exploring New Horizons Executive Director.


Exploring New Horizons provides exceptional outdoor residential education to K-8 students at three unique locations through a rich and relevant curriculum tied to state and national education standards. Since 1979, Exploring New Horizons aims to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards through hands-on exploration of the natural world. Currently Exploring New Horizons serves over 8,000 students from 95+ schools annually from the SF Bay Area and the Central Coast. Exploring New Horizons offers 3, 4 and 5-day programs at our three campuses: Pigeon Point, Loma Mar, and Sempervirens.

Exploring New Horizons has been primarily funded with student fees since its inception in 1979. In 2003, Exploring New Horizons started the Environmental Education for Underserved Students program to raise funds to support equitable access for students to attend outdoor school. Today, Exploring New Horizons is conducting an analysis to understand its fundraising opportunities and shift its business model to diversify income and build a sustained fundraising model.


Initial Scope of Work

Phase 1: Assessment and Analysis

  • Understand current Exploring New Horizons Fund Development practices and strategies.
  • Facilitate meetings with ENH Fund Development team and key stakeholders within Exploring New Horizons to discuss fundraising needs and how they align with short and long-term goals strategic organizational goals.
  • Help develop financial scenarios to establish fundraising goals and evaluate the current budget process.

Phase 2: Fund Development Strategy

  • Analyze data collected to understand opportunities and challenges specific to ENH and building a new Fund Development Program.
  • Develop a 3 to 5-year Fund Development plan with recommendations for income strategies and program implementation that could help boost relationship culture within the organization.

Phase 3: Training and Communication

  • Create a recommended list of next steps with a short-term (6 to 12 month) and mid-term (1 to 2 year) implementation overview.
  • Provide all raw research and written complete reports in hard and electronic copies to Exploring New Horizons leadership.
  • Present findings and recommendations in-person at an Exploring New Horizons Board Meeting

Extended Scope of Work:

Following the initial project, the successful candidate could be considered for a 12-month retainer to begin work on implementation and strategy.

Phase 4: Implementation and strategy

  • Work with Executive Director and ENH Leadership to begin implementation and integration of Fund Development strategies into the year-round program operation.


  • Documented experience with nonprofit finance and previous experience managing successful individual donor and grant campaigns.
  • Experience managing a donor database, specifically Salesforce.
  • United State based consultant, with the ability to provide individual transportation to respective Exploring New Horizons facilities and Board Related events.
  • Fluency, written and spoken English
  • Previous demonstrated experience in securing and managing private and federal grants.
  • 2 years’ previous experience working or familiarity with Environmental Education.


RFP Requirements: If you are interested in being considered for this consultant position please send:

  1. Cover Letter and Proposal outlining relevant skills, professional experience and description of interest to support the initial scope of work
  2. 3 professional references that can be contacted
  3. Description of team and individuals that will be undertaking this project.
  4. Fee proposal


RFP Release:                                      July 30, 2018

Proposals Due:                                    August 20, 2018

Selection Notification                           September 24, 2018

Anticipated Project Date:                     October 1, 2018, to January 30, 2019


Please send these documents by August 20, 2018, to Tracey Weiss, Exploring New Horizons Executive Director.  Complete submittals can be made electronically as one complete PDF to

Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools is committed to building a community that is diverse across many dimensions, including race, sex, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, ability, culture, nationality, socioeconomic status, education, life experience, religion, political affiliation and level of comfort and experience in the natural world.