Text Box:   Thank You to Our 2004-05 Donors!
Text Box: The 2004-05 academic year has been a great one for Exploring New Horizons, and we have much to share! This year we anticipate providing $108,000 in financial assistance for underserved students, a 30% increase over last year! 
Fortunately, not only have our board member numbers grown in recent years, but so have their contributions (and those of their friends and families!) to our scholarship funds. Consequently, between these individual donations and funds supplied by foundations and NOAA, we have received a total $101,000 in donations! 
Text Box: This is certainly cause to celebrate. But at the same time we are already looking toward next school year. For each year there are new children who need an outdoor experience such as ENH, but canít afford it. 
If you wish to help us send a kid to outdoor education, please consider a donation to ENH. Or do you have some time and expertise to share? Please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!
-Don Kleinfelder
Text Box:   From the Executive DirectoróDon Kleinfelder
Text Box: ...And our individual donors:
Julie and Dallas Amos
JR and Annie Blair
Mark and Beth Bradford
Jennifer and Robert
Tim and Debra Christian
Robert Christiansen
Jeff Curtis
Rudy and Coby De Jong
Lisa Dickinson
George and Joan Evans
Jordon Garrett-Williams
Sid Greenbaum
Imgard Greenebaum
Interstate Doors
Text Box: Dr. Sindee Irelan
Rachael Jackson
Keith and Belinda Kesser
Jim and Carole Kleinfelder
Jill Levinson
Bonnie Loyd and Robert 
Hester Miller
Rob Murray & Bruce Davis
Julie Neilson
Christopher Nick
Dick Parsons & Shari 
Susan Peters
Chris & Stephanie Plante

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          National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)

          The Lesher Foundation           The Ranch San Carlos Education Fund

          The Harden Foundation           The McMahan Foundation

          The San Francisco Foundation           The North Pleasanton Rotary Club

          The Peninsula Community Foundation           The North Face Company

          The Mary Lemmon Fund           The Bear Gulch Fund

          The Gregory Family Fund






A salamander is just one of the many surprises at Big Basin State Park

Interested in sharing your expertise and making a difference in our world? Consider joining a non-profit board! For more information about the ENH Board of Directors, contact Don at† (831) 338-3013, or by email: don@exploringnewhorizons.org

Many individuals and organizations have combined to send over 700 underserved students to ENH. ††On behalf of these children, we offer our thanks and appreciation to our contributors!

Special thanks go to the following organizations...

    Rob Poor & Maria Soledad

    Brad Post

    Natalie Reed

    Christine and Andrew Roper

    Bob & Liz Schneider-Merry

    Saul Schulteis-Gerry

    Tanya Slesnick

    Amy Stewart

    Dr. Robert Lee Stuart

    Steve & Shawna Thommes

    Kirk and Lori Wagerman

    Wendy Witherspoon

    Dr. Sarah Woo


    Mary Ellen Ynes

    The ENH Board of Directors!