Text Box:   Thank You to Our Contributors!
Text Box: As you may have read already, this June ENH celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary!  In keeping with our theme of reminiscing about ENH beginnings, I tried to find a photo of myself from those early years when I was but a confused intern.  Seems the only thing I could come up with is a crude cave painting.   Guess that was a long time ago!
It is sometimes hard to grasp the huge changes that ENH has undergone since it’s innocent beginnings as a summer camp.  When Laura and Gary first agreed to conduct outdoor education for Murray School District , they had no idea they were laying the foundation for a premier outdoor education program.  
From the beginning they held fast to the belief that camp (and outdoor education) is more than just a place in the woods; its people sharing a vision.  And it is time shared in exploring, absorbing, and falling in love with the beauty and diversity of nature. 
Text Box: Today, over 7,000 students attend ENH environmental education programs annually.  In addition, each year nearly 1,300 teachers, parent and high school students donate over 100,000 hours of their lives to make our program happen.  And many of these fine folks later return to ENH as staff, teachers with their own students, and board members.  Such is the case with Shawnee Shahroody, a former ENH camper and counselor from Lafayette School District, and now our newest board member.  Welcome, Shawnee!
And this summer we again return to our roots with our second year of ENH summer camp, which shows that ENH, like everything else on earth, moves in circles and cycles, (except energy, of course, which is always moving at high Text Box:   From the Executive Director—Don Kleinfelder
Text Box: Bear Gulch Foundation
Laurie Beijen
Dr. Chris Bond
M. Teresa Bowers
David and Madeline Brown
Martin and Val Baramante

Mary Cabibi and Steven Gayle
Hermann and Annette Calabria
Debra and Edward Cashman
Larisa Casillas
Robert & Jennifer Castelluccio
The Channels Fund
Bob Christiansen
Deborah Christman
J. Philip Chubb
Ben Colteaux
Sheila Curtis

Rudy and Coby De Jong
Elisa De Laet Jagerson
Christine and Miles Denniston
Lisa Dickerson
Debra and Dave Dicks
Mary and Tad Drake
Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Foundation

Greg Feldman
Felice Insurance Agency
Cory Feulner

Text Box: Mark and Julia Godley
Andrea Goldman
Imgard Greenebaum
Joanne Greenebaum
Sid Greenebaum
Groth Bros. Oldsmobile

Jed and Emily Hammack
James Harris

The INNW Fund

The Kelly Family
Jim & Carole Kleinfelder

Jan Lecklikner
Bonnie Loyd & Robert Sabbatini

The McMahan Foundation
Diane Means
Kathleen Means
Robert & Susan Morse

Raj Nathan
Julie Neilson
Deborah Newbrun
New Leaf
The North Face
North Pleasanton Rotary

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Dick Parsons and Shari Robinson

Jessica Parsons and Tom Evans

Margaret Parsons

Melissa Pederson

Peninsula Community Foundation

Craig Peters and Maureen DeBoer

Susan Peters

Pleasanton Police Officers Assoc.


Rancho San Carlos Education Foundation


Shawnee Shahroody

Don Shortridge

Don Smith

Anne & Paul Stephens

Charles and Donna Stonesifer

Dr. Robert Stuart


Kent and Debbie Tobin

Trader Joe’s

Benjamin Tulchin


Variety Children’s Charity

Buzz and Linda Valente

Robin and Mary Ellen Ynes





Since July 1, we have received over $90,000 in contributions.  The donations ranged from large cash gifts to rain gear to two milking goats!  All of the donations help us provide financial assistance to hundreds of students who would otherwise not be able to attend environmental education.  On behalf of these children, we offer our thanks and appreciation to our contributors!

Junior bird watchers at an estuary near Natural Bridges State Beach