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Text Box: Family Days at ENH
Text Box: Text Box: proud to announce Family Days at all three ENH sites:
April 26 at Camp Loma Mar
May 10 at Pigeon Point
June 7 at Sempervirens Outdoor School
Wander through the redwoods, investigate a tide pool, lounge beneath a lighthouse and watch for seals and whales, stroll through the organic gardens or strap on a climbing harness and tackle the high ropes course!  And lunch is included!  Visit our web site for details and to download a registration form.  Please come!  We’d love to see you! 
Text Box: Two months ago Tad Drake, our Program Director at Loma Mar for the last several years, announced that he is moving to Montana this summer.  As sad as it is to see him go, we are all very happy for him and his wife Mary as they embark on a new adventure.

So for the last few weeks we have been interviewing candidates to fill his large shoes.  One individual asked Tad and I what we felt are the best and worst parts of the very difficult job.  The worst part: sick kids at 2 AM, and like a VP at an elementary school, dealing with the “bad” boys and girls.  The best part?  Also dealing with the “bad” boys and girls.
The 17 year-old male counselor who acts up, and later we learn that he is abused by a violent father and hasn’t seen his mom since he was 5.  
The two 13 year-old girls who are best friends but get into a hair-pulling fight on Thursday night, and later confess that both are victims in a sexually abusive family setting.  
The 11 year-old boy who swears like a Text Box: sailor and throws rocks at every living thing, and is at outdoor education because, despite having a father in prison and a mother recovering from an alcoholic coma, his grandmother insisted he have some sense of normalcy in his young life.
In each case we discovered the underlying cause of the inappropriate behavior because, for perhaps the first time in their lives, these 			-continued on page 2
a non-profit organizationText Box: You know the story: your child comes home from a week at outdoor education and goes on and on about what a great time she had, all of the beautiful forests, meadows and sea shores she explored, the excitement of the barnyard boogie, the songs, poetry and nature art she participated in, and the funny, crazy, awesome staff that opened her eyes to some of the secrets of this glorious planet.  And there you are, thinking “Why don’t they have something like this for parents?  I could use a week like that!” 
Well, a whole week might be tough to pull off, so how about a day?  We here at ENH are

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